Aquaterian Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a company which is formed to work on saving water. This company will be encouraging masses to save water and support establishments who are actively saving water by reusing it.

The company’s motto is to save more & more water by reusing it & for this the company will be taking help of technology. This company works on a philosophy Called “Save Water for Our Future”.

We are expecting more & more active participation of people on both group & individual level to support us to achieve a noble goal.

The driving force of Aquaterian Systems Pvt. Ltd. is people who are grown up with a dream to serve human being. These people were very upset by the way the water was getting wasted & people were only discussing this issue on social media but very few of them actually did something.

So these people thought why not reward people for saving / reusing the water & here the core activity was born called “Clear Water” to understand more about clear water please visit .

“Clear Water” is the first ever activity of this organization, however there certain more such activities planned which the organization will introduce in due time.

“Clear Water” is a project of Aquaterian Systems Pvt. Ltd. This activity is being run by highly qualified & experienced people.

They belong to different industries & they have achieved many awards in their respective Industries.

They have proven to be very good & talented business people.


We are grown up with a dream to serve human being


A well known name in Shipping & Logistics industry.Mr.Anand Vishwamitre has good experience of handling international business. He helped many small time business entities to get established in International territories.

Working upon the international business statistics is a virtue of his business. He had been to Singapore to work for a packaging company. He came back with a vision to start a great activity in India. His professional activity is successfully carried out in countries like UAE, Singapore, Africa, etc. He has counterparts & offices in India and abroad. His networking chain is spread globally.

He is the sole founder of concept called “Clear Water”.He spent more than 4 years to study & survey for this concept. The concept “Clear Water” is developed to encourage people to save & re-use water.


Highly qualified engineer in Printing and Packaging Technology, he is also known as Marketing & Digital Media communication Expert.

He is very active member of networking group called BNI. He was awarded with Best Performance in BNI.

His skill of networking is backbone of “Clear Water”.

He conducts Entrepreneurship Development program in India.

His genuine efforts for network development made him popular among upcoming as well as established business communities in India.


An Engineer (USA) and authority in risk & project management. A good planner & administration expert. His skills includes Planning and Project Management, Structural Designer, Financial Portfolio Management, Business Strategy Development, Marketing Consulting, Philanthropist, Report Writing.

He has received many research scholarships during his Masters. Has received many awards for his work & is recognized for his work in India & abroad. He follows a great principal in life that to manifest concept in a brilliant project that “Passion, Desire, Pragmatism, Risk Taking attitude can make wonders”.

His efforts have made “Clear Water” to stand on its feet. He is very sensible person who is concern for his contribution to society. This has encouraged him to get actively involved in “Clear Water”.

Clear Water Project

Clear Water

"Not just a concept...but a mind-set !!

Here we *Aquaterians* would like to present a very large level concept, could be a easiest solution as well as a preventive cause on water crisis and can save precious water being wasted unknowingly.

“Clear Water” is based on a social cause called “Save Water”. The situation of water is horrible in the world. Taking lesson from the cape town incidence everyone shall take more & more efforts individually. “Clear Water” is an activity which is helping everyone to save water.Wastage of water is one of the biggest crime against humanity.

Lets take oath that what happened to Cape Town in South Africa, "No Water Day", on 12th April 2019, shall not let repeat for mega cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Dubai, London, Toronto, Chicago etc and in every single town and village on earth.

Our websites and social media links are given below.

Request you all to subscribe, like, share, spread and implement the concept at ground level and be a part of mission of saving wastage of *Clear Water*.

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